Future Architects

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A Spark

Seven years ago I took a leap of faith.


I chose to leave behind my job, my school, and friends in order to devote myself to the conception and realization of a full length record. This single decision sent me down a path that would propel me forward in many ways, but also bring me face to face with challenges for which I was ill-prepared.


This was a journey of inspiration, beauty, and connection, but also one of loss, deep pain, and solitude. Through it I formed a band, moved to a new city, played music on the streets, and slowly began to feel the seed of something greater seemingly around the corner. I traveled through Canada, played music with my best friends, slept on countless floors and couches, and even bleached my hair orange, all the while creating some of the best songs I had ever made with a great friend and mentor.


And then, in the blink of an eye, it was all gone.


I was back at square one, or so I thought. Shaken, but determined to be the master of my own fate, I gave it a second shot. I traveled to Morocco and back again, started to perform as a solo artist, signed with a management company, and re-formed a band, only to see it all crash and burn a few months later.


Here I am now, writing these words and reflecting on those countless moments of struggle and self-doubt. I’ve realized that no matter what life throws at you, there is almost certainly a hidden truth or lesson to be revealed from your own shortcomings. After all these years of pouring my soul into this album, the time has finally come to share it with you. As I finally let go of this chapter of my life, I can only hope that it may become a small part of yours.”


This is the story of Future Architects…

  • Future Architects Story Pt. 1 Header Image
    I - Let’s Make an Album!
  • II - The Seed of a Record
  • III - The Big Move
  • IV - See You On the Other Side
  • Alexy Future Architects Montreal Artist Story
    V - Seven Years