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This journey truly began in February of 2011.


I had two days scheduled in Toronto with Benjamin Pelchat, an accomplished composer and dear friend who accepted to work with me. I chose to work with him not only because he was a close friend, but because I loved the music he had written and recorded for his other projects. I felt that his knowledge, creativity, and guidance would help push my music to the next level.



When I arrived in Toronto, I had nothing but notebooks of scattered lines, lyrics, and phrases that I had written over the past years, and I was excited to explore and shape them into songs. My goal was to make an album that surpassed everything I had done up until then, both musically and emotionally. I wanted to create something bold and unique, all the while staying true to myself. I thought that if I played my cards right, Future Architects could serve as a launching point for my music career.


My first sessions with Ben blew me away!


In the span of a weekend, we planted the seeds for two big songs: ‘Last Man On Earth’ and ‘Human Touch’. For ‘Last Man On Earth’, we set off to find an interesting chord progression and chorus melody to build its foundation, and in a matter of hours we had a full rough structure that felt really special. We captured the first vocal tracks of the record using gibberish, syllables, and the line “Last Man On Earth”, which immediately became the title of the song.



The process for writing ‘Human Touch’ was very similar. It was productive, and we quickly developed a beautiful, melancholic progression on guitar and keys, and a chorus melody that would remain almost unchanged until the very end of the recording process. After those two incredible sessions in Toronto, I returned home to Ottawa completely inspired. I immediately began working on the lyrics for the two songs, and new ideas were coming quickly. I still had my second year of university to finish, and I wouldn’t go back to Toronto again for a few months. However, I was set on this new trajectory, and I began planning my summer stay in Toronto.


As I finished my university finals that spring, I knew that it would be the last time that I set foot in an academic institution as a student. It was somewhat bittersweet. After sixteen years of being in school, it felt like the right time for me to take on a new challenge and devote my time and energy to making music. I was ready to step into a different learning environment; one that would greatly influence my years to come.


At this point, I genuinely thought that the album would be completed in a few months.


This was very naive of me, as I soon came to realize.


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