II – The Seed of a Record


My summer in Toronto was pure magic!


I spent my days and nights wandering the city, soaking in my surroundings, and writing constantly. Among independent coffee shops, the rumbling sound of a thousand street cars, and the vibrance of the big city, Ben and I worked away in a humble studio tucked between a bar and a Jamaican Rasta shop in Kensington Market. There was an incredible energy, a constant rush that pushed me to remove any limitations I could impose on myself.


All I wanted was to make music, to make the best record I possibly could.


On my days off, I would commute back and forth to Ottawa to rehearse with my band The Other Side, which I had formed the previous year. Although progress on the record felt slow at times, the songs and sounds that were coming out of the sessions were far beyond what I could have ever expected. Once most of the songs had been fleshed out, Josh Macintosh, an accomplished local musician, came into the studio to record drum tracks.



Being a drummer myself, I already had grooves and fills in mind, but I wanted a fresh perspective to bring the songs to the next level. Josh pulled off an incredible feat that day, playing through and recording seven tracks in a single session without any prior rehearsal. His performance gave the songs a whole new feel and musical identity; one that I am very grateful for.


Ben and I had discussed making a dance tune for the record.On a particularly inspiring night at the studio, we set off on what began purely as an experiment. I programmed a short drum loop, Ben picked up the bass, and in a matter of minutes, he had whipped out one of the grooviest baselines I had ever heard! The rest of the song came together after that, and two weeks later I performed it for the first time with The Other Side in the context of a radio music contest.


We managed to get into the top fifteen bands that year!


The money we got from our win helped us go on a small tour, buy merchandise, and shoot a music video for the first single, the dance tune ‘Dirtier’.



As the summer drew to a close, it became increasingly clear that this now fifteen song album would not be finished any time soon. I decided to finish three of the songs Ben and I had been working on, and release them to give everyone a taste of what we were doing.

This would become the Last Man EP.



My time in Toronto was truly a thrill. I felt that, for the first time, I could give in to all of my creative instincts and just go with the flow. Everyday brought something new; ideas floated all around me just waiting to be snatched up and turned into musical form.


It was truly one of the most beautiful and inspiring times of my life.


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